The Myth of Spiritual Covering (Part 1)

"Spiritual covering" as theorized by the Discipleship theosophy is an absolute MYTH. No semblance of the Shepherding teaching version of "spiritual covering" exists anywhere within the pages of Scripture. "Spiritual covering," in the vein it is presented by proponents and propagators of these hyper-authoritarian teachings, is an outright deception! It is a complete fabrication concocted by the originators of these fallacious doctrines as a supposed pretext for facilitation of entirely self-aggrandizing objectives of subjugation, domination, and control.

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One Response to “The Myth of Spiritual Covering (Part 1)”

  1. I really appreciate this article. While I do not have the exhaustive and matured knowledge that God has blessed you with, the underlying subject matter and ideals presented in this text are things the Lord has also shown me. That being so, I have not placed myself "under" an earthly shepherd since possessing these revelations. I am always open to God to lead me. However, every church I have come in contact with either has the very problem you are writing about, is immersed in various forms of false doctrines, or seeks wrongful control over their members. I followed them in various denominations for absolutely years and their advice, counsel and dictatorship pulled me away from the guidance of the Holy Spirit and I was left alone by them to pick up the pieces. That's how God wakened me to what truth really is. I am sure you have faced much persecution for your stance on the spiritual covering of CHRIST. I came from one church that looked at me like I was unwell because I did not go to the pastor as much as our unrepentant, homosexual music minister did. Because he submitted more to the "covering", he was looked at as more obedient than me. It is sad the way these churches operate. My mom was asked to not worship the Lord at her previous church because the pastor said she needed to submit to the "covering" and follow his style of worship. My mom could not and would not quench the Holy Spirit in her so she soon left the church and was ridiculed by the remaining members, one of whom was a good friend. I'm at the point now where I do not suggest a specific church for lost souls to attend. I try to help them the best I can under God's guidance and pray the Lord raise me up a minister husband someday so that we can spread the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. For five years I was a part of the United Pentecostal Church and was not allowed to step foot on the altar of my old church if my hair was trimmed. I had removed myself from the "covering" (angelic and physical). It was all nonsense but I believed it all until the Lord opened up my eyes. Without exception, every church I sought to attend had the problem of whacked out carnal leadership control or some other form of false doctrine. A person can only succeed in church to the extent he or she "submits to the covering". Paul's words ring true in Romans 15:20. "It has always been my ambition to preach the gospel where Christ was not known, so that I would not be building on someone else's foundation." If a man is truly not built on the right foundation he corrupts his "sheep" and the entire congregation is either blind to heresy or is bold enough to walk out from under the umbrella of it. I thank God for your posts.

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