Charismatic Captivation -- Authoritarian Abuse & Psychological Enslavement in Neo-Pentecostal Churches, by Dr. Steven Lambert -- Available at: www.charismatic-captivation.com

This page contains 17 episodes of a special podcast devoted to "Charismatic Captivation," currently hosted on BlogTalkRadio. Unfortunately, the player does not show the individual titles and numbering of each episode. The episodes appear in newest-to-oldest order in the player, i.e., the first episode is Episode #17, followed by #16, etc. The player also only shows a small number of the epidoses; you will have to click on an episode and go to the BlogTalkRadio Real Truth page in order to access the other episodes. We hope you enjoy and are blessed by the episodes!

A new podcast called, The Real Truth Podcast, is being developed and will be launched soon. There will be a series of episodes of the new podcast that will be devoted to this topic as well, that will be a more complete treatment of this topic and cover more material from the book, Charismatic Captivation. When those episodes are produced and published, we will publish them here. If you want to receive notification when they are published, be sure to subscribe to this site on the right sidebar. You can learn more about the podcast by clicking here.

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