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DR. STEVEN LAMBERT is a prophetic minister — having functioned for more than three decades of ministry as a pastor, prophet, teacher, revivalist, evangelist, counselor, singer and musician, and writer — all with a prophetic edge and anointing present in those functions. The Lord has gifted him with a unique anointing for "times of refreshing" that come from the "presence of the Lord" (Acts 3:19), in which there is a Spirit-charged atmosphere that produces healings, miracles, prophetic exhortation, and "prophetic evangelism" drawing believers and unbelievers alike into a closer intimacy with the Lord.

He is the producer and host of The Real Truth Radio Program. [CLICK HERE to hear program samples as well as preaching samples.] Over the years, he has appeared on many television programs, including TBN, PTL, CBN, and has been a guest on numerous radio programs. Only months after being saved, he was used by the Lord in a seminal role in the launching of a famed Christian musical ministry that eventually touched multitudes around the world, Festival of Praise, under the direction of internationally known music extraordinaire, Thurlow Spurr.

He also serves as the Founding Overseer of Ephesians Four Network, a fellowship of Fivefold Ministers relating and colaboring for common purposes and accomplishment of the end-time purposes and plans of God, as well as its subsidiary, the Ephesians Four Network of Deliverance Counselors.

Dr. Lambert has authored numerous books, booklets, courses, and other teaching materials (See Catalog), as well as scores of articles that are published and republished on untold numbers of sites on the Internet. Besides the articles on this site, he is also the contributing editor for four other blogs: SLM Online Blog, Real Truth Digest, Ephesians Four Network Blog, and the Ephesians Four Network of Deliverance Counselors Blog. He also is the founding publisher and editor of the online Spirit Life Magazine.

Steven Lambert is one of a number of prophetic voices emerging from the wilderness in these last days who were born in the prophetic year of 1948, the year of Israel's prophesied rebirth as a nation after more than two-thousand years of desolation or non-existence. Jesus declared that "this generation" — the generation ["boomers"] whose birth coincided with the rebirth of Israel as a nation (the fig tree) — "shall not pass away" until all the end-times events He prophesied were fulfilled (Mat. 24:34).

After serving his country in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam Era and returning to civilian life, Dr. Lambert was Born Again and Baptized in the Holy Spirit in 1976 — America's Bicentennial Year, marking 200 years of liberation and independence — thus 2006 marked his thirtieth year of ministry. The Lord has repeatedly told Prophet Lambert that the timing of his natural birth as well as his spiritul rebirth were by no means accidental, coincidental, or merely a natural matter, but rather that it bears significant spiritual import relative to the end-time ministry God has pledged and prophetically reaffirmed repeatedly to bring about in accordance with His perfect timing and plan.

Though his salvation and regeneration experience did not take place until the age of 28, from his earliest childhood memories Brother Lambert has been keenly aware of the presence of the Lord in and the hand of the Lord on his life, demonstrated as it was in numerous unusual personal encounters with the Presence and Power of the Lord Jesus. It wasn't until that day in January 1976 when he surrendered his heart and life to the Lord, however, that all those supernatural experiences began to make sense. The supernatural and prophetic have been a constant in Steven Lambert's life ever since. Friends, family, and followers of his ministry have been first-hand witnesses of the supernatural power of God manifest in his life, not only in meetings but mundane life as well.

Through what seems to be an special anointing, many hundreds and possibly thousands have received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, without one sincere seeker, in nearly three and a half decades of ministry, ever failing to receive it when he prayed for them. Hundreds as well have received real freedom in Christ through an accompanying anointing for deliverance from demonic powers.

Literally within minutes of saying "Amen" to the Sinner's Prayer of Salvation, miracles began to occur through him in the form of his mother's healing of a mysterious condition that left her paralyzed and bedridden for several months for which a battery of medical doctors had no explanation and offered no hope of recovery. This miracle took place even before he received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit in similar manner as the Apostles healed the sick and cast out demons solely on the authority of Jesus' command more than three years before they received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost.

Upon being powerfully baptized in the Holy Spirit and Fire a few months after he was saved, the manifestation gifts of the Spirit began to be overtly and inordinately manifest in his life. More than twenty people he prayed for in the ensuing few weeks were instantaneously healed of various maladies and conditions, including several who were terminal. For nearly a year thereafter he volunteered to visit and pray for those submitted to the "sick list" at the church he was attending for several hours five days a week, resulting in scores and scores of miraculous healings and recoveries from serious and in some cases fatal conditions.

Over more than three decades since that first year, right up to the recent, the Lord has from time to time directed Dr. Lambert to go to hospital ICUs to pray for people who were at death's door and not expected to make it through the night, whom the Lord snatched out of the grip of death through the Omnipotent Power of His Presence manifest through the fervent and effectual praying and prophesying of a merely obedient servant of God.

Over the course of his walk with the Lord, there have been numerous ocassions in which the Lord has demonstrated his power in vindicating the man of God and avenging would-be enemies who have perpetrated unjust personal attacks on or attempted to bring some form of harm to Prophet Lambert, in accordance with what He declares in His Word, "Touch not my anointed, and do my prophets no harm!" There have been people who have experienced horrible automobile accidents and other catastrophes sustaining serious and nearly fatal injuries, or losing everything they own. Others did die prematurely long before their time, either from sudden heart-attacks or other mysterious causes or circumstances. Others experienced exposure of illegal activities of which they had managed to evade detection, until the Lord suddenly uncovered them and made the face the consequences of their misconduct.

Perhaps the most dramatic of these actions by the Lord on Brother Lambert's behalf was against a landlord who owned a major shopping mall and a newly built plaza adjacent to it in a Florida city.  After being courted for quite some time by the landlord, who offered many perks and promises to entice them to open a second location of their business in his new plaza, the Lambert's agreed to open a business with contingencies based on the landlord's promises. After two years of patiently waiting for the landlord's promises to come to fruition, including that the plaza would soon be filled with other business tenants, the Lamberts determined they had no choice but to close that location. When they informed the landlord of their decision, he began threatening the Lambert's in numerous ways, not only with financial reprisals but physical threats.  After repeated unsuccessful attempts by the Lambert's to arrive at a fair and equitable solution with the landlord, and after humbly relating to him a stern prophetic warning from the Lord to cease all of his improper and even illegal threats and counteractions, just a few days before a court case was scheduled to commence, the entire wing of the plaza in which the Lambert's business had been located, was completely swallowed up in a massive  sinkhole! Locals, especially long-time residents, who had long known of this man's bully-like power-weilding tactics and rumored mafia connections, were stunned and amazed at the catastrophic "act of God" that was reported by news agencies across Florida as well as the nation. Game, set, match!

Dr. Lambert has been given an anointing to make prophetic proclamations over individuals, churches, and cities that will break long-lived strongholds and bondages, producing liberation, salvation, and victories. In 1993 he received a prophetic word describing a new measure of deliverance power that the Lord was releasing in his ministry:

" shall but only speak, and deliverance will come forth to set the captives free, for you shall be a deliverer as Moses was a deliverer; but you shall only strike the waters with Moses' staff and they shall be parted, and my people shall cross over on dry ground, and deliverance and salvation and victory shall come, but you shall not have to labor long wrestling with demons but shall but speak the word of emancipation, declaring, "You're free," and they shall be free by prophetic proclamation.... The Words that shall be in your mouth shall not be your words, but My Words, for I will put My Words in your mouth, and these Words shall bring down kingdoms of darkness and strongholds over this city and many other cities, and over churches. For this is a strongman ministry....I have called you to go into cities and churches to bring down the principalities, the ruling princes, that have been ruling in the heavenlies over those cities and churches. You will be a voice of mercy and a voice of my judgment...."

To contact Dr. Lambert regarding speaking engagements, article republish requests, questions, or words of encouragement, email him at:

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